Strategic evolution: How continuous change drives organisations forward and picks up risk-averse employees

In today’s fast-paced business environment, organisational, technological and strategic challenges constantly challenge you as a leader. The critical question is often: „How do we orchestrate a comprehensive transformation to motivate employees to stay productive and embrace change?“

A common problem is the lack of cohesion between departments, inefficient processes or resistance to necessary changes. One approach to solving these difficulties is the strategy of a continuous evolution towards one goal – a constant adaptation and further development instead of abrupt changes – especially when the majority of your teams are risk-averse.

Gradual change instead of revolution

When new organisational models and processes are introduced, for example, in group functions such as communication, marketing or IT, managers often encounter resistance. In order to win over colleagues for the upcoming change, an individual approach and consideration of the different types of employees is crucial.

The involvement of both risk-taking and risk-averse employees is essential to develop a comprehensive understanding of the needs and perspectives within the organisation. Constant discussion and review of the following questions help to establish a culture of continuous improvement:

  • What is the right way for us to reach the organisation’s one goal?
  • What makes sense for us in this context?
  • How can we continuously drive evolution forward towards our one goal?

Orchestrating a transformation

One of the biggest challenges in implementing a comprehensive transformation is keeping staff on track (focus) and motivated (inspiration). Here, intensive communication and targeted change management measures are crucial strategies. It is important to keep the team continuously informed about the progress and goals of the transformation (transparency) and to actively involve them in the process with various tools and formats (involvement).

Sustainable change

Changes should be made in small, deliberate steps with risk-averse employees. Aggressive business models may promise short-term gains but often carry risks for the long-term stability and efficiency of the organisation. Continuous change, which achieves continuous efficiency gains using new technologies and processes and promotes close cooperation, has proven itself. However, there is also a watch out here: sustainable change can only work if the market changes evolutionarily. If the gap of change between the market and the organisation becomes too large, only a holistic transformation of your organisation makes sense in the long run.

Summary and outlook

The organisation’s continuous development is essential to remain competitive – so far, so good. Changes should deliberately not be understood as abrupt revolutions but as constant evolutions (dependent on your individual situation). In this process, it is important to involve all employees and make it clear to them that they are not only part of this change but that they can actively shape it. However, this only works if the market changes in an evolutionary way. If the market changes at an accelerated pace, your organisation has a bigger challenge ahead of it: the holistic transformation to keep up with the market.

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