Katherine Starks

10 Tipps for successful transformations from a former banking executive.

10 Tipps for successful transformations – Katherine Starks (former Branch Manager of Bank of New York Mellon & Executive Coach) shares her view in another episode of Transformations Leader, hosted and moderated by René Esteban (Founder, CEO of FocusFirst).

Here are Katherine’s 10 Tipps:

  1. Set Big goals and decide what you are willing to do to achieve them.
  2. Communicate really well.
  3. Be brave and courageous.
  4. Learning and growth mindset.
  5. Build and maintain networks.
  6. Do your job really well.
  7. Look after yourself.
  8. Be willing to negotiate win/win agreements.
  9. Ask for help.
  10. Be willing to walk away.

About Katherine Starks (LinkedIn): Katherine Starks, former Branch Manager of Bank of New York Mellon, and now Executive Coach). Kathie has worked in Financial Services for 35 years, first in sales and for the last 15 years in senior positions where she has been responsible for leading large teams and achieving growth, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction in Germany and Europe. Today, Kathie is coaching Executives and Teams who are faced with complex leadership topics such as transformations. Besides this, Kathie is Senior Advisor at FocusFirst helping senior leaders to accelerate their transformations.

About René Esteban (LinkedIn): René Esteban is Founder and CEO of FocusFirst. As a former senior leader in a Fortune 500 he found that too many transformation projects take too long, waste money, and annoy key-stakeholders – and that there must be a way to accelerate business transformations, sustainably. Today, this belief unites an international FocusFirst team consisting of former top executives and subject matter experts. He is an international keynote speaker, author and senior advisor for top executives for achieving challenging goals and accelerating complex transformations.

About FocusFirst (LinkedIn): FocusFirst is a boutique consulting firm for transformation & strategic change projects. We are the specialised firm in the industry that combines both former top executives and an award winning method to accelerate transformations. This unique “double helix” of capabilities equips us to help our customers deliver results faster against demanding business goals. Executives work with FocusFirst to develop organisations, structure & accelerate transformations. FocusFirst works with leading Fortune 500 companies such as Merck, Novartis, E.ON, BASF, as well as established mid-sized companies.

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