Gülay Stelzmüllner

How to identify and engage key stakeholders in a transformation – Gülay Stelzmüllner (CIO at Allianz Technology) and René Esteban (Founder, CEO of FocusFirst) talk about this in another episode of Transformations Leader. One point can already be shared: The sponsor plays a critical role.

About Gülay Stelzmüllner (LinkedIn): Gülay Stelzmüllner is CIO at Allianz Technology. With its headquarters in Munich and more than 12,000 employees around the world, Allianz Technology helps the Allianz Group to strengthen its market position. As the Allianz Group’s IT provider, Allianz Technology’s mission is to operate, optimise, transform and innovate infrastructure, applications and services together with Allianz companies to deliver the best customer experience.

About René Esteban (LinkedIn): René Esteban is Founder and CEO of FocusFirst. As a former senior leader in a Fortune 500, he found that too many transformation projects take too long, waste money, and annoy key stakeholders – and that there must be a way to accelerate business transformations sustainably. Today, this belief unites an international FocusFirst team consisting of former top executives and subject matter experts. He is an international keynote speaker, author and senior advisor for top executives to achieve challenging goals and accelerate complex transformations.

About FocusFirst (LinkedIn): FocusFirst is a boutique consulting firm for transformation & strategic change projects. We are the specialised firm in the industry that combines former top executives and an award-winning method to accelerate transformations. This unique “double helix” of capabilities equips us to help our customers deliver results faster against demanding business goals. Executives work with FocusFirst to develop organisations, structure & accelerate transformations. FocusFirst works with leading Fortune 500 companies such as Merck, Novartis, E.ON, BASF, as well as established mid-sized companies.

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